Online safety parents webinar

Monday 8th November 2021 at 07:00 until Sunday 14th November 2021 at 23:00

Online Safety Talk

We are proud to announce that you have been invited to attend our Online Safety Webinar paid for by TGA. We want to equip you with the power of knowledge of how to keep your children safe whilst they are online. We urge you to take the time in you busy day, sit down with a cup of tea, a notepad, relax and listen.

It is a recording so you can watch it in your own time and pause it when needed.

We have offered the children at TGA an incentive to get you to take part. The class with the most parents/careers will receive a class treat! Help your little ones! The power is in your hands…

Important information:

• The session is 1 hour in duration, without breaks.

• Once the session starts you can play, pause, rewind using the control button at the bottom of the screen.

• When in session, there is a message icon on the screen – please leave any questions you have and we will come back to you.

Following the session, school will provide you with handouts from the session for your reference.

Course Outline:

This dynamic, high quality presentation provides parents with an insight into the wide array of apps, games and websites that children are using. This session is a ‘must’ for all parents whose children have a presence in the digital world. The outcome is to empower parents to keep their children safe when using technology.

There are four areas to be covered in the session:

What children are taught about Online Safety

Latest trends of what children are doing online

The issues and dangers children face online

How we can make children safer online

Date of access: Monday 8th – Sunday 14th November 2021

Course duration: 1 Hour
Accessing the sessions:
Please find below the links to provide immediate access to the sessions. Once the attendee’s details are entered, the session will start immediately.

Parent’s awareness: Click on the link below to take you to the webinar.
click here

The link will also be sent out via Parent Mail.
Remember the class with the most parents that attend the session will receive a treat!