Each child studies 3 units of Geography in each phase (KS1, LKS2, UKS2).

  • Year 1 – Locational knowledge, local case studies, seasonal weather patterns
  • Year 2/3 – Locational knowledge, South America, local case studies
  • Year 4/5  – Locational knowledge, Comparative knowledge between UK and other countries, local case studies
  • Year 6 – Locational knowledge, Russia, local case studies

Children’s geographical understanding of how their local area fits into the wider world is gradually accrued. Understanding of physical geography starts with the familiar. Progression within the curriculum is clear: it starts with what is familiar to children and extends outwards. Progression in fieldwork skills is built across units. Key technical and tier 2 vocabulary is mapped onto each unit, allowing children to build a rich bank of geographical language.

Links are built with other subjects, predominantly but not exclusively with writing, art, music and science.