At Temple Grove Academy, our primary school geography curriculum is designed with a clear intent to instil a deep understanding of the world, its diverse cultures, and the interconnectedness of human and physical environments. Our aim is to inspire curiosity, geographical thinking, and a sense of responsibility towards the planet. We believe that a robust geography education equips students with the knowledge and skills to become informed global citizens.

Key Intentions:

  1. Global Awareness: Develop global awareness by exploring geographical concepts and understanding the interdependence of nations and cultures.
  2. Environmental Responsibility: Foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment and promote sustainable practices through geographical learning.
  3. Spatial Thinking: Cultivate spatial thinking skills, map reading, and the ability to analyse and interpret geographical information.
  4. Cultural Appreciation: Encourage an appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives, fostering tolerance and empathy.


To achieve our geography curriculum goals, we have chosen to partner with Kapow, a platform that aligns with our teaching philosophy and provides comprehensive resources for delivering dynamic and engaging geography lessons. Kapow supports our educators in creating an interactive and immersive geography curriculum.

Key Implementations:

  1. Resource Accessibility: Utilize Kapow’s extensive library of geography resources, including lesson plans, interactive maps, and multimedia content, to enhance the variety and depth of geography lessons.
  2. Interactive Lessons: Incorporate Kapow’s interactive features, such as virtual field trips, geospatial simulations, and collaborative activities, to make geography lessons engaging and relevant.
  3. Progress Tracking: Use Kapow’s tools to track students’ progress in geographical skills, ensuring targeted interventions and personalized support.
  4. Real-World Connections: Explore real-world connections by integrating current events and global issues into geography lessons, fostering a dynamic understanding of the world.


We anticipate a positive impact on our students’ geographical knowledge, spatial thinking abilities, and a heightened awareness of global issues. The impact of our geography curriculum, supported by Kapow, will be measured through students’ geographical skills, environmental consciousness, and their ability to apply geographical knowledge to real-world situations.

Key Areas of Impact:

  1. Geographical Skills: Assess improvements in map reading, spatial analysis, and the application of geographical concepts in various contexts.
  2. Environmental Consciousness: Observe an increased awareness of environmental issues and sustainable practices among students.
  3. Global Citizenship: Measure students’ ability to think critically about global issues, appreciate cultural diversity, and understand their role as responsible global citizens.

By integrating Kapow into our geography curriculum, we aim to provide a rich and impactful geographical education that empowers our students to understand and contribute to the ever-changing world around them.