Results 2017/18

Standards at Temple Grove Academy continue to improve. There are a few key measures against which we are judged by external validators such as Ofsted inspectors. This includes:

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Results:

Children are assessed in key areas of the EYFS at the end of Reception and we are judged on the extent to which our children achieve a Good Level of Development (GLD).  This year, our GLD was 77%. This is 5% higher than last year.

Year 1 Phonics Results:

At the end of Year 1, children undertake a phonics reading test where they have to read real and non-real words. This represents one area of reading only and on a day to day basis, we assess children in other strands of reading. This year, 78% of our children passed this phonics test (6% increase from last year) Those children who did not pass this test this year will have the opportunity of taking it again when they are in Year 2. 84% of pupils achieved the expected standards in Y2 phonics.

KS1 2016 Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs):

Expected or above National Greater Depth National
Reading 70% 75% 30% 25%
Writing 63% 68% 20% 16%
Maths 67% 75% 17% 21%
Science 70% 83%

KS2 2017 SATs Results

TGA KS2 2017 Results Greater Depth
Reading 68% (15) 27% (6)
Writing 82% (18) 9% (2)
Maths 82% (18) 5% (1)
GPS 64% (14) 9% (2)
Combined 59% (13)