Wider Curriculum


We encourage children’s artistic development from Nursery through to Year 6. We are lucky enough to have an artist in residence ensuring that it is a specialist who leads the curriculum, specialists with a passion for nurturing artistic confidence and originality. Our art specialist works closely alongside teachers and art coordinator to ensure key skills are developed across the curriculum and cross curricular links are made.

The children have plenty of opportunities to express themselves using a variety of different media, such as clay, paint, textiles, drawing, collage and photography. Children are taught specific art skills and how to use art equipment appropriately. Art is always a cross-curricular activity drawing on and being inspired by other areas of learning such as History, Geography, Science, Maths and different cultures.


French is taught to all ages from Nursery to Year 6 by specialist provider Kidslingo. All children are timetabled a session a week where conversational French is taught creatively through song, role play, familiar texts and other fun activities. The French curriculum is planned progressively throughout the school with topics such as ‘All about me’ and ‘Me and my family.’

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Music is central to the creative life of the school. We aim to give all children a comprehensive introduction to Music at Temple Grove Academy. Children progress through musical learning starting in Reception with basic beats and tempos. They move on to exploring sounds, pitch and dynamics, learning to use a range of tuned and percussion instruments and are encouraged to perform. The children are exposed to more advanced musical terms (such as ‘ostinato’ meaning a repeated pattern).

In Key Stage 2 children learn composition, notation and musical structure, developing their listening skills further to enable them to compose complex, multi-layered rhythms and songs, using both actions, voice and instruments. They also study music history and famous musicians from different genres and compare and contrast pieces.

All children are given an opportunity to find their voice. Each week, children participate in whole school singing assemblies where they develop a range of voice and performance skills. Singing from an established repertoire, children will explore a broad and diverse range of songs and compositions that complement their wider creative curriculum.

In addition, the school has a strong extracurricular music offer.



Drama is uniquely placed as a subject taught across all areas of the school curriculum. Used as a creative platform to enable, enrich and enliven subjects from Maths to History or PSHE. Children relish opportunities to explore their imagination and capability for play through Drama.

Recent highlights include a visit from ‘Perform’ where children took part in workshops using drama, dance and singing. Children were trained up as ‘Mermaids and Pirates’ and were taken on a thrilling voyage to Neverland where they rescue the treasure from Captain Hook, all whilst meeting some of J.M.Barrie’s much loved characters on the way.

Year 5 recently re-enacted Odeyuss…