Parents and Carers Online Safety Workshop

15th  May 2023


Session title: Online Safety Parents

Date of access: Tuesday 25th April – Monday 22nd May 2023

Length of session: 1 hour


Accessing the sessions:


Please find below the links to provide immediate access to the session. Once your details are entered, the session will start immediately.


Parents session:


Important information:

  • The session is 1 hour in duration, without breaks.
  • All forms of digital devices can be used to access the sessions.


Post session information:

Following the session, we will be provided with a summary of attendees / engagement.



For each parent that completes the session, your child/children will receive the following:

  1. 5 house points
  2. The class with the most attendance will win own clothes day
  3. If the winning class achieves an attendance of over 70% they will win a movie and popcorn afternoon!