You will receive a telephone call, offering your child a place in our Nursery, the term before he/she is eligible to start. During this telephone call, you will be invited to one of our Open Sessions.

During this session, you will meet the Early Years Leader and all the EYFS Practitioners who will work with your child. The class teacher will ensure you have completed various forms including ordering school uniform, applying for free school meals (where appropriate), local trip and photograph permission, etc. This will also be an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s needs and routines.

Home Visits take place at the beginning of your child’s first term at Nursery. The Nursery Teacher and an EYFS practitioner will visit you and your child at your home.  This is a chance for us to meet you and your child in an environment that is familiar. This helps your child with settling in and is the first step in developing good communication links between you and the school.

Please note: Nursery offers are conditional until proof of date of birth and address have been given.