Times Table Rock Stars Tournament

25th  November 2020

As you will all be aware, the children in years 2 – 6 participated in a Times Table Rock Stars tournament over the course of the last week, and it was a great success! A huge well done to all of the pupils who logged on and played and a big thank you to parents for supporting us in ensuring your child(ren) participated; please do ensure they continue to do so and ready yourself for the next competition!
Special congratulations to year 6 who won the competition with an amazing 157,457 correct answers; the class will have a special treat on Friday!

Other prize winners include:
Hayden (the overall school winner and year six winner): 47,217 correct
Riley (year 5 winner): 16,923 correct answers!
Filzah (year 4 winner): 18,442 correct answers!
Danielle (year 3 winner): 5,066 correct answers!
Evan (year 2 winner): 3,122 correct answers!
These pupils will also receive a prize (and a special one for Hayden)!