Play Therapy

Parent-Child Attachment Play

This is a gentle play-based approach which supports families with their children’s behaviour and emotional wellbeing.  It is a gentle, play-based approach delivered in a small group each week.

Parent-Child Attachment Play looks at three different skills for the parent to use with their child at home, enabling parents to begin a short weekly ‘you and me’ play or activity time at home with their child.

The sessions take place in a relaxing atmosphere, accompanied by hot drinks and cakes, they give parents a great opportunity to share experiences and learn how to move forward with lots of support.

Play Therapy

Play is a natural part of children’s lives.  The toys are their words, play their language.

Play Therapy provides a safe environment for children to work through what is troubling them. It uses a variety of tools such as clay, puppets, sand, art, craft and drama to help children resolve their difficulties.

Play Therapy can be helpful for children that have a range of difficulties, including:

  • Separated or divorced home environment
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Bereavement
  • Being bullied or bullying
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Emotional difficulties such as anxiety, low self-esteem or aggression
  • Trauma
  • Problems socialising