School Council

“We are the voice of all”

Our school council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives the children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. The children were chosen by a democratic vote by their class peers and are given the responsibility of taking the views of each class to our weekly meetings.

Our Agenda

School council’s agenda for this academic year are:

  • to recreate the environment job roles around the school,
  • Re educate the purpose of the Buddy bus stop,
  • Playground rota for Buddy Bus Stop and outdoor library
  • years 5 and 6 (volunteers) are to read to year 1 and year 2 children in the library,
  • Outdoor library
  • School Council budget, initially to fund decorating the outdoor library.
  • Funding for a sandpit on the KS1 playground.
  • Rules for the playground and outdoor library.

Meet the team

Year 2 is Zosia and Chrisab
Year 3 is Timi and Zara
Year 4 is Oliver and Maisey
Year 5 is Isabella and John
Year 6 is Molly and Preston
Head Pupils are Kiara and Kyle

Our school council meets twice a term and discuss what we feel would improve the school for everyone. The prefects represent the views of all pupils, throughout the school and student are able to talk to them about their own ideas to ensure that student voice is heard. As well as prefects, in the meeting, our Head Boy, Head Girl and one of the teachers are present.

Our members also do jobs throughout the school: such as acting as student receptionists, helping the dinner ladies at lunchtime and support the Peer and Sport Mediators on the playground.

Henley and Hollie