Illustrator visits year 5

12th  July 2021

On Tuesday, Year 5 had a visit from a professional illustrator where the children had an in-depth art session related to their class topic of Historical Heroes and Villains.

In the course of the session, children developed an original character that represents some of the heroic qualities displayed by the historical figures Year 5 have studied so far.

These original characters, developed by the students, are the heroes and heroines of the children’s picture book stories, throughout which the heroic qualities feature prominently.

Year 5 really enjoyed this exciting session and we look forward to seeing the fantastic visual stories the children will produce over the next few weeks.

Hollie W: “I loved creating the characters and being able to choose our own direction for the story.”
Mylie O: “I enjoyed it because I love creating 3-D things. We all worked together to create a story and had good tips from Emily because she is a professional artist.”
Henley T: “I like art and it inspired me to try it at home as well and get better at drawing and using art to create new stories.”
Kiera: “I really like working with the illustrator and creating new, original characters. It inspired me to draw more often and think of new things to do.”