Home Learning

19th  April 2020

A warm welcome to Term 5 to our children and families at Temple Grove; although we cannot be in School at the moment we want to ensure that the children are able to access learning as much as they can during this time. Therefore teachers have been working hard to ensure that learning opportunities are available to all children whilst working at home. It is important that children are completing the work set on a daily basis where possible, which can be found on our school website under ‘parents’ and ‘home learning’.

We do appreciate that this can often be difficult to negotiate, particularly in households where there are more than one child and parents who are also at home, and of course we simply ask that children complete as much as possible.
We have now set up a new email address so that parents can send completed work to their child’s class teacher. The email address work needs to be sent to is as follows:

When emailing in work, it is essential that the subject of the email is your child’s name and their class (for example: John Smith: Browne). The email address will then automatically send the work to your child’s class teacher who will respond with feedback accordingly.

If for any reason you need any further support please do not hesitate to contact us via the school office using the office email address