Collection from school policy

Children from the Reception Classes and from Years 1, 2 and 3 will be handed into the care of a responsible nominated adult at the end of the school day.

Parents and carers should inform the class teacher or the school office if someone different is going to collect their child.

Sometimes parents have to arrange for someone to collect children at short notice. If we are unsure about a change in collection arrangements we may check with parents by telephone.

Children attending extra-curricular after school clubs led by a member of staff will be handed into the care of a responsible adult or allowed to walk home, as indicated by parents or carers on the club permission slip.

With parental permission, children may go home by taxi. The child should be collected from the school foyer by the taxi driver.

If, as the result of a family breakdown or a court order one parent or partner is no longer allowed access to a child, please inform the school in writing immediately.  Equally as important, please inform us as or when the situation is resolved.

Any person who appears unfit to take full responsibility for the child he/she has arrived to collect, will not be allowed to take the child from the premises.  If the said person is the parent or carer of the child in our care, we will try to contact other contact names on the school data sheet.

If that is not possible and the situation cannot be resolved and we feel that the child is at risk, we will contact the duty officer at the Social Services Department.

If there is no one to collect a child at the end of the school day, the child will be taken to the medical room and signed onto the late collection sheet by the teacher dismissing the class.  Office staff will telephone appropriate parents/carers or other contacts authorised by the parent/carers to collect the child.  The authorised adult collecting late children will be required to sign them out on the late collection sheet.  If no contact can be made we will contact the duty officer at the Social Services Department.

If a child is collected during the school day the adult collecting must collect from the school office where the reason will be checked along with who is authorised to collect.  The child must be signed out in the Leaving School Early folder.  If the child returns to school the same day the adult must sign the child back in.

When a child will be collected during the school day a message should be entered in the contact book to inform the teacher of the time they will be collected, time of return and reason for the absence.  Children leaving school during the day must be signed out and back in via the office by a person authorised to collect the child.

Some children are collected from school by transport provided by Kent County Council.  It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to make all necessary arrangements for this transport and to notify transport as well as the school if alternative arrangements are made.