Charging & remissions policy

Approved by governors May 2018
Review May 2019

Our school code of conduct is:
“Try, Grow, Achieve”

This policy has been drawn up to conform to the charging arrangements for Maintained Schools as set out in the Education Act 1996.

The Governing Body recognises that the Act prohibits charges for school activities that take place within school hours and/or are part of the school curriculum. This Policy reinforces that principle, whilst setting out those school activities for which a charge may be made or a voluntary contribution requested, and those circumstances in which charges may be remitted.

Educational activities taking place during School hours

‘School Hours’ are defined as those during which the school is in session, but excluding the midday break.

Education provided during school hours will be free of charge.

No charge will be made for books, materials or equipment deemed necessary to meet the requirements of the national curriculum.

Voluntary contributions may be requested to enable the School to run extra activities (including trips and visits) which are deemed educationally desirable. The school will make it clear in its communications to parents that these contributions are voluntary, and that no pupil will be treated differently according to whether or not his or her parent/carer has contributed. If insufficient funds are received to cover the cost of the activity, it may be cancelled.

Where a non-school or LA organisation arranges an activity to take place during school hours and parents/carers give their consent to their son or daughter taking part in the activity, such an organisation may make a charge.

Music tuition

The school may charge for individuals or groups of two of more to receive instrumental or vocal tuition, which takes place during the school day, in instances where the parent or carer has approved the tuition.  This charge may also include an element for hire of any instruments.

However instrumental or vocal tuition which is part of the National Curriculum or is delivered to the whole class as part of the Wider Opportunities programme cannot be charged.

Educational activities taking place outside School hours

For all activities outside school hours the charge will be set to cover the cost of such items as:

  • Transport/travel costs
  • Board and Lodging
  • Entrance fees
  • Insurance Costs
  • Any materials required for the activity
  • Incidental expenses
  • Costs incurred as a result of teaching and non-teaching staff supervising the activity
  • Accidental building costs

The charge should not subsidise any other pupil participating. Any remission of charges for individual students should be met from the School Fund.  If insufficient funds are received to cover the cost of the activity, it may be cancelled.

School meals and milk

Charges are made for school meals and milk (unless a pupil is entitled to free school meals in which case it is the policy of the school to ensure that parents and carers are given advice on how to apply for free meals). The school expects milk and meals to be paid for in advance and it is preferred for accounts to be kept in credit to the value of five school meals.


A variety of items, including sweatshirts, fleeces, t-shirts, caps and book bags, bearing the school logo, are available for sale from the school office.


Individual and class photographs taken by the school’s appointed photographer or by the school are offered for sale from time to time.

Loss of or damage to School property

Loss of, damage to or breakage of school property e.g. books, windows, furniture, scientific equipment etc. will be charged for if caused by carelessness, negligence or deliberate act. The charge will be the cost of replacement or repair, or such lower cost as the Consultant Headteacher or may decide.

Similarly, a charge will be levied in respect of wilful damage, neglect or loss of property belonging to a third party, where the cost has been recharged to the school.

Other charges

The School may levy a small charge for miscellaneous services up to the cost of providing such services e.g. for providing a copy of an Ofsted Report, etc.

Voluntary contributions to the School fund

Parents/carers may be invited to make a financial contribution to the School Fund.  Implementation of this will be subject to Governing Body approval.

The School Fund will be used to acquire educational resources and fixed assets or provide services which would otherwise be unaffordable from the School’s mainstream budget.

It will be made clear in all correspondence to parents/carers inviting contributions to School Fund that such contributions are wholly voluntary.

Remission of charges

Any charge may be remitted in whole or in part in response to a request by the parent/carer in writing to the Consultant Headteacher.