Accessibility policy

Updated Autumn 2018
Approved by Governors Autumn 2018
Date for review Spring 2020


All schools are required to have an Accessibility Plan, in order to increase access to schools for disabled pupils.

Definition of Disability

A person has a disability if he or she has a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term adverse affect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day duties.

Broad Strategy for improving Physical Accessibility

  • To plan in advance for the immediate needs of current and future pupils.
  • To aim for an accessible entrance, and to look at other priorities required by the public.
  • When carrying out building works to include any appropriate access improvement.
  • To continue to ensure the school is fully accessible.

Further access improvements will be prioritised according to:

  • Number of pupils that would benefit
  • Number of essential specialist areas to be made accessible.
  • Number of classrooms to be made accessible.
  • Cost

Responsible Officer

Isabel M Ramsay, Consultant Headteacher
Emily Crow, Deputy Head
Matt Bailey, Deputy Head
Assisted by Inclusion Manager

Planning and Monitoring Process

  • An Accessible Audit was carried out and works implemented in accordance with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act), covering the sections of the building that are used by the general public. The LA Health and Safety Consultant has helped in this audit.
  • Temple Grove Academy will review the process by monitoring the Checklist Annex D with the SMT.
  • Any concerns relating to this checklist will be referred to the LA for guidance.

Planning Duty

There are three strands to the planning duty which are covered in this plan and these are, access to:

  • The curriculum
  • Improving the physical environment of schools
  • Improving the delivery of information to disabled pupils

Paying for Physical Improvements-Equipment and Minor Works

When building works to improve access are required and can be classed as capital, the LA may provide financial support, subject to available resources and assessment of individual cases.

Revenue works are the responsibility of Temple Grove Academy and covers good management practice to ensure the physical environment is suitable e.g. contrasting colours on steps, and clear signs.

Works required for an individual pupil that do not have a long-term benefit for the school.

The LA will review funding required for works at the time depending on an assessment of the individual child.  The responsibility for payment will then be decided i.e. whether payment should be made by the school, whether it should be met by the LA as part of the Statement process, or contributed to by both sources.