Parenting in a Digital World

16th  May 2022

The digital world is vast, exciting and forever evolving at such a pace that parents often find it hard to keep
up. Our children have never known life before the online world and are getting more and more tech savvy at an
earlier age. This causes many of us anxiety because we are not experts, we have not grown up in the age
of online technology and we have not had childhood experience to draw upon when providing guidance for
our own children.

However, the digital world doesn’t have to be considered a place of worry for parents; in fact, it can be embraced
as a tool for building a better future for us all. 2Simple have put together this informative guide to
help support you in enabling your child to grow into a responsible digital citizen who is able to keep themselves
safe while, at the same time, getting the very best from the digital world.

In this guide, you will find tips and advice for each of the key areas of online safety for primary-aged children.
Each of these areas is further broken down into tips for parents of children aged 5 to 7 and for those of children
aged 7 to 11.

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