Settling in

We want children to feel safe, happy and stimulated in our Nursery as well as being secure and comfortable with all staff.

It is a big step for children to begin a new nursery and for some, it is the first time away from parents or carers.  It can take time for the children to get used to new faces, surroundings and routines.  We believe that a gradual introduction to Nursery works best and also gives you time to ask any questions you may have after your child has started.  This transition time ensures that you and your child feel settled in the Nursery and helps build a bond with the Nursery staff.

Our settling in plan is:

  • Attending the Nursery with your child for a few hours in the first few days
  • Introducing short periods of time away from your child but where you stay in the building or close by (We will have tea and coffee available and the EYFS Leader will be there to support you with this transition)
  • Leaving your child for a few hours and building up the time you are away until your child is happy and confident to stay the entire session.

This settling in plan usually takes between one to two weeks, depending on the child.