Nursery Day

Focus on The Nursery Day

With the Team on hand to welcome each child as they arrive, the Day for your child starts with them finding their name and placing it on our registration board. A little thing, but it makes them feel all-important, giving them a sense of ownership over their Nursery, their day.

Next, the children are introduced to the activities available, both inside and out, giving them plenty of choices to carry out their own investigations and follow their own interests, under the watchful eye and guiding hand of teaching staff.

During their day, the children will take part in whole class learning times.   These may include number work, story time, phonics or listening games.  Sessions are kept short and fun.

We offer a snack of fruit and milk during the morning sessions.

Before the children go home, everyone will help to put all the resources away ready for another buzzy day.


What do Parents Think?

We welcome input from our parents, be it airing any concerns or telling us what we’re doing right for their child.  Please remember, as one of our Nursery Pre-School Centre parents, we will always make time to listen and learn what more we can do to benefit your little one.