How we stay in touch

The EYFS Statutory Framework outlines the importance of parents and the school working in partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for every child.  In the Early Years we use various methods to stay in touch and share information.

Every week you will receive an EYFS Newsletter as well as a whole school newsletter.  The Early Years letter will outline the learning your child has taken part in during the week as well as any special events that have taken place or are going to take place.  The whole school newsletter provides important information regarding school activities and events.  Both of these will be emailed to you via Parentmail.  Please ensure you sign up for these and read the newsletters each week.  General information and news can also be found on the school website.

At Temple Grove Academy, the EYFS teachers and practitioners use a web-based application called Tapestry Journal to record your child’s learning and progress.  We like to share this with you via an email link (there will be a letter in your New Parents’ Pack for you to complete).  You can also upload and share with the class teacher any photos and comments of important moments for your child at home.

Once a term, Nursery holds a ‘stay and play’ session.  These sessions are an opportunity for you to come into the Nursery classroom and see what your child has been up to.  There will be activities for you to share with your child and it is also a chance for you to chat with the class teacher.

Parents of Nursery children will be invited to a parents’ evening once a term where we will discuss your child’s progress in depth. 

Your child will also take part in a class assembly once during the year.  This is an opportunity for the children to showcase their learning.

During drop-off and collection, the Early Years teachers will be happy to discuss any problems or answer any questions you may have regarding your child and school.