Nursery + Primary = A Big Tick

Having a Nursery School attached to our Primary School is a very positive plus – not just for Temple Grove Academy, but, more importantly, for the little ones that join us.   It makes their eventual transition to Primary School a happy and positive process.  (It seems a long way off right now, but time flies!).  The children are moving on, but staying in familiar surroundings, with all the friends they’ve made in Nursery, their confidence intact, sure of where they are and who they are.  We see, as teachers, how much better this is for the child, moving forward.  And we are very pleased therefore to be able to offer all new parents this extension of facilities at Temple Grove – an extension that extends the well-being of your child.

It’s a Great Start

The Nursery has 26 places for children who are 3 years old.

We currently offer:

  • Part-time (15 hours Free Eligibility) for all children.

Session runs at the following time:

  • Mornings: 9am – 12pm 5 days a week, term time only.

So what of the Nursery itself?

We see our Nursery as a VIP – a Very Important Place.  This is the beginning, where your child brings us their imagination, their curiosity.  They’re longing to learn, and we’re longing to teach them.

For your child to thrive, Nursery provides a safe and secure environment, where your child can relax (and therefore we hope, so can you).  Operating an ‘open door’ policy, our Nursery team welcomes your feedback, listens to any concerns, and will work with you to ensure the best for your child.

The Nursery day is learning structured around play. Our experienced Nursery professionals are warm, welcoming and watchful.  No child is left out, no child left to be sad or confused.  It’s our job here in Nursery to make your child’s Nursery time a joyful, exuberant experience for them – this helps us bring out the best in each child.  They move on from us as well-socialised children, with their joy of discovery intact, ready for their next big adventure as they embark on Primary in the company of their friends.

Meet Jemimah our Nursery teacher