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Welcome to Temple Grove Academy

Welcome to Temple Grove Academy, the first primary school of Temple Grove Academy Trust in Tunbridge Wells. We hope that you will enjoy visiting our website and that it provides you with an insight into our vibrant and happy nursery and primary school. TGA staff are caring, experienced and committed to meeting the individual needs of every child through a happy, secure environment.


At Temple Grove Academy, we believe that homework is a number of tasks or activities which pupils are asked to do on their own or with their parents in order to reinforce curricular objectives and learning outcomes.


We believe homework consolidates and reinforces skills and understanding in numeracy, literacy and other curriculum areas, helps raise the level of achievement of individual pupils, provides opportunities for parents and children to work together and, thereby, fostering an effective partnership between home and the academy.


At the academy, we consider homework should be:


  • interesting and rewarding for all children;
  • integrated into everyday planning and set by the class teacher;
  • differentiated to cater for individual children’s learning needs;
  • clearly understood so that children understand when, what and how the work is to be done;
  • marked and fed back to the children promptly


We value the support of parents/carers and we believe that this policy will be successful if there is a strong partnership between home and the academy which is reflected in the Home-Academy Agreement.


At Temple Grove Academy we work closely with our parents and children and value their views and opinions regarding the homework which we set.




  • To reinforce curricular objectives and learning outcomes by setting interesting tasks or activities.
  • To create a strong partnership between home and the academy.
  • To familiarise parents with the nature of class work
  • To work with other schools to share good practice in order to improve this policy.


Responsibility for the Policy and Procedure



Role of the Headteacher


The Headteacher will:


  •  ensure all academy personnel, pupils and parents are aware of and comply with this policy;
  • promote this policy by raising its status and importance;
  • ensure that homework is built into teachers planning;
  • provide supportive guidance for parents;
  • keep up to date with new developments with regard to homework;
  •  work closely with the link governor and coordinator;
  •  provide guidance, support and training to all staff;
  •  monitor the effectiveness of this policy;


Role of the Teachers


Teachers must:


  •  integrate homework into their planning;
  •  set interesting tasks or activities;
  •  set homework appropriate to each child's needs and abilities;
  •  explain when, what and how the work is to be done so that each child clearly understands;
  •  home Learning slips will be sent home on a Friday, when homework has not been completed.
  •  provide feedback in line with the marking and feedback policy


Role of the Nominated Governor


The Nominated Governor will:


  • work closely with the Headteacher;
  • ensure this policy and other linked policies are up to date;
  • ensure that everyone connected with the academy is aware of this policy;
  • report to the Governing Body every term;
  • annually report to the Governing Body on the success and development of this policy


Role of Parents/Carers


Parents/carers are asked to:


  • praise the value of homework to their children;
  • provide a suitable space in their home where their children can concentrate on their homework;
  • establish a homework routine such as no television;
  • provide materials pens, pencils etc.;
  • go through the homework before their child starts and discuss the completed work when finished;
  • make the experience pleasurable;
  • find time to work with their child or be at hand if a problem arises;
  • discuss, encourage and praise their child’s efforts;
  • contact the academy if they are not sure of some aspect of the homework or if their child is experiencing difficulties in doing it;
  • Will sign and return acknowledgement of receipt of Home Learning slip if and when they receive them, when homework has not been completed
  • ensure they get feedback on all homework tasks or activities;
  • complete an annual evaluation form on homework for the academy to monitor and evaluate


Role of Pupils


Pupils are asked to:


  • complete their homework and hand it in on time;
  • make sure they understand what is asked of them;
  • complete an annual evaluation form on homework for the academy to monitor and evaluate;
  • make sure they get feedback on their homework;
  • highlight to the School Council any ideas they may have to improve homework


Types of Homework


Children will be given homework on a Monday, and this must be returned by the following Friday morning.  Each week the children at TGA will be provided with spelling and maths homework. In addition to this, the children will be set a series of activities to complete over a number of specified weeks. It is expected that children will read at home every day. The children will have one homework book which they complete all of their homework in.


Any child not returning homework will be expected to complete it during the class ‘Golden Time’ session that Friday.