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Value of the term - "Resilience"

Welcome to Temple Grove Academy

Welcome to Temple Grove Academy, the first primary school of Temple Grove Academy Trust in Tunbridge Wells. We hope that you will enjoy visiting our website and that it provides you with an insight into our vibrant and happy nursery and primary school. TGA staff are caring, experienced and committed to meeting the individual needs of every child through a happy, secure environment.

Helping your child at home

Helping hand: at home

• Help your child to have all the equipment they need for learning
• Ask your child what they have learnt at school and take an interest in these topics
• Allow your child to help you with shopping, cooking and other jobs around the house
• Be patient when your child is helping
• Make time for regular reading with your child including books, magazines, newspapers and online


Helping with homework:

• Provide a quiet place for your child to work
• Help your child develop a routine and set dedicated time aside
• Give encouragement and support to help your child complete their homework
• Help your child to learn the basics such as spellings and tables
• Take time to answer your child’s questions and address their concerns


Helping your child to learn in and out of the home:

• Link your child’s learning to family activities. The school can give you ideas 
• Look for things in your local area that will help your child to learn such as nature reserves and museums
• Spend time playing outside and talk about the world around them
• Get to know what your child is learning and ask the school about it
• Take time to listen to your child and explain things carefully, developing their understanding and vocabulary

Helping hand: at school

• Offer to help out with educational trips, visits and clubs when you can
• Ask your child’s teacher how you can help in class e.g. with reading and practical activities
• Attend as many parents’ meetings as you can, especially ones that are about learning
• If your school offers family learning, try to get involved Helping with communication:
• You and your child’s school both want the best for them so don’t be afraid to ask questions
• Read the information the school provides – letters, leaflets, emails, texts or online
• Keep the school informed about family changes that might affect your child’s learning, however small
• Respond promptly to school communications and let school know if you change your contact details


Helping with school life:

• Join the PTA and get involved with fundraising to support your child’s school
• If your school has a Parents’ Forum, use this to share views and ideas
• Take part in a Parent Helper Training Programme; this will help your own child as well as other pupils
• Give constructive feedback to your child’s school about what is working well

Exciting things to do together:

  • There are lots of fun activities you can do as a family to help your child with their learning andto support the school curriculum
  • Visit a museum or historical site
  • Go shopping and use real money
  • Walk in a woodland
  • Plant seeds and watch them grow
  • Visit the library and choose a book
  • Make a tent, indoors or out!
  • Plan a route using maps, compass or GPS
  • Search for mini beasts or go pond dipping
  • Look at the stars at night and find out about the planets
  • Make a model, picture or collage with everyday household items
  • Find time to sit together and think and dream



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